Dog Training Services

Barkeley K-9 University offers lessons for puppies and adult dogs for basic and advanced obedience in your home or nearby park.

group classes


You’ll participate in the training lessons most of the time, Patrick will occasionally handle your dog to provide hands on demonstration.
This is a commitment of about one hour per session. There may be need for a lesson to go longer than one hour in order to complete the information needed but there is no charge for this extra time.
To optimize your return on investment of time and money, I’ll ask you to practice with your dog for 20 minutes daily between sessions.

Patrick Gibbons’ Specialties:

  • Reward based methods
  • Teaching the dog to ride in the car entry/exit
  • Crate training
  • Training with remote collars, electric collars and e-collars
  • Behavior issues, including aggression, fear, destruction of property
  • Shelter and rescue dogs
  • Lifestyle changes: New baby (I’ve been there!), Moving, Death of primary caretaker, Changes in employment that include the primary caretaker having to start working out of the house or working from home

Coverage area:
If you live within the area between Martinez and Fremont, California, I’ll come to your home for training sessions at no extra charge.

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